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4-0-8 NPK - Liquid

Our 4-0-8 NPK fertilizer provides a strategic nutritional balance, delivering essential nitrogen and a higher proportion of potassium, without phosphorus. This specialized formula is designed to support plant health across various growth stages, making it especially beneficial during the vegetative growth phase and as plants prepare for flowering and fruit setting. Perfect for environments with sufficient phosphorus levels or where phosphorus runoff is a concern, the 4-0-8 blend ensures that your crops receive the nutrients necessary for vigorous growth, strong root systems, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Nitrogen Supply (N):

Nitrogen is a critical component of chlorophyll, essential for photosynthesis, and is also a part of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. At a 4% concentration, the nitrogen in this formula helps promote healthy leaf and stem growth, which is particularly valuable during the early stages of plant development or when robust, green growth is desired.

Potassium Supply (K2O):

With an 8% content, potassium plays a pivotal role in the activation of growth-related enzymes and is crucial for water regulation within plant cells. This higher level of potassium improves the plant’s drought resistance, disease resistance, and overall hardiness. It is also essential for the development of strong roots and aids in the synthesis of plant sugars, enhancing the taste and quality of fruits and vegetables.

No Phosphorus (P2O5):

The absence of phosphorus in this formulation is ideal for soils already rich in this nutrient, helping to prevent environmental issues such as eutrophication. By omitting phosphorus, our 4-0-8 fertilizer is tailored to avoid the complications of phosphorus over-application, ensuring a more environmentally considerate approach to fertilization.


Available In:
Bulk 200-GAL.