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7-0-7 NPK - Liquid

Our 7-0-7 NPK fertilizer offers a balanced nutritional approach, providing essential nitrogen and potassium without phosphorus. This formula excels in supporting plant health through various growth stages, particularly during the vegetative growth phase and the critical development phase right before flowering and fruit setting. Ideal for environments with sufficient phosphorus or where phosphorus runoff is a concern, the 7-0-7 blend ensures your crops receive the nutrients they need for vigorous development, strong root systems, and sustainable growth.

Nitrogen Supply (N):

Nitrogen is crucial for plant growth, as it's a major component of chlorophyll, where photosynthesis occurs. It's also a part of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The 7% nitrogen content helps in promoting vigorous leaf and stem growth, especially useful in the early stages of plant development or when green, leafy growth is desired.

Potassium Supply (K2O):

Potassium is vital for plant health, involved in the activation of many growth-related enzymes, and plays a significant role in water regulation within the plant cells. A 7% potassium content helps in improving the plant’s drought resistance, disease resistance, and overall hardiness. It is also important for the development of strong roots and helps in the synthesis of plant sugars, which affects the taste and quality of fruits and vegetables.

No Phosphorus (P2O5):

The absence of phosphorus in this formulation makes it particularly suitable for soils that already have adequate or high levels of phosphorus. Over-application of phosphorus can lead to environmental issues, such as water eutrophication. Therefore, using a 7-0-7 fertilizer helps avoid contributing to these problems in phosphorus-rich soils.


Available In:
Bulk 200-GAL.