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Blendable Calcium Nitrate (17-0-0 33% Ca)

Discover our revolutionary Blendable Calcium Nitrate, now available for the first time! Our groundbreaking product leverages a patented coating process that makes calcium nitrate, a nutrient previously challenging to handle in water-sensitive environments, a viable option. Overcome the usual limitations of melting with our advanced technology, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your fertilization needs.

Nutrient Availability:

Our patented coating technology protects and slowly releases calcium nitrate, ensuring a steady supply of calcium and nitrate nitrogen. This controlled release helps prevent quick leaching and volatilization, giving your plants continuous access to crucial nutrients.

New NPK Formulations:

With our unique ability to blend calcium nitrate, we now offer innovative NPK formulations that were not previously possible. This allows for a more balanced and comprehensive nutrient profile, catering specifically to your crops' needs.

Seamless Blending:

This product integrates effortlessly with other fertilizers and soil amendments, enhancing your existing fertilization programs without the issues of clumping or uneven nutrient distribution. The coating ensures a smooth and uniform application every time.


Available In:
50-lb. (Bag)
Bulk Ton (2000-lbs.)
Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to try our revolutionary Blendable Calcium Nitrate with Advanced Coating. We are now accepting pre-orders at an ultra-astronomical pre-order offering. Enhance your agricultural practices with our cutting-edge solution.