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Turning 'What Ifs' Into Success

CalciumCoreSupplement 15-0-15+20Ca and TE

Calcium Core Supplement+
(15.0-0-15.0 +20.0 Ca)

The specific ratios of 15-0-15 +20 Ca are designed to offer a balanced nutrient mix that supports robust growth and structural strength, ensuring plants remain healthy and resilient throughout their life cycle.

  • Nitrogen (15%): Supplies the nitrogen needed for vigorous vegetative growth, fostering lush foliage and robust plant structure.
  • Potassium (15%): Promotes overall plant vitality, enhancing disease resistance, water regulation, and improving the quality of fruits and flowers.
  • Calcium (20%): Critical for strong cell walls, calcium enhances plant structural integrity, stress resistance, and supports healthy root and shoot development.
Vigorous Vegetative Growth:

Provides essential nitrogen (15%) to support robust vegetative growth, promoting lush foliage and strong plant structure.

Enhanced Structural Strength:

High calcium content (20%) fortifies cell walls, improving stress resistance and promoting healthy root and shoot development.

Comprehensive Nutrient Support:

Balanced mix of nitrogen, potassium, and calcium ensures continuous support for overall plant health and resilience through all growth stages.

Available In:
1-lb. (Bag)
5-lb. (Bag)
30-lb. (Bag)
2000-lb. (Pallet)