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Turning 'What Ifs' Into Success

GrowthFeed 12-9-26

Growth Feed+

We only use premium materials in the formulation of our Water Soluble Blends (WS-Blends). As inputs are the lynchpin of success, we have designed products that we would be happy to use in our own operations. We’re taking things to the next level by using base ingredients already known in the industry and pairing them with our own unique spin. For instance, our formulator includes a chelating agent in this formula which is introduced into the soil/media to help with element unlocking and uptake. That, along with a few other tricks, is what we think will really get you pumped to grow to your full potential.

Lush Vegetative Growth:

Support continued vegetative growth with 12% nitrogen, promoting lush foliage and strong stems for healthy, vibrant plants.

Robust Health and Development:

High potassium content (26%) enhances disease resistance and water regulation, ensuring sturdy plants and optimal growth.

Optimal Nutrient Uptake:

Our chelating agent improves nutrient availability, ensuring essential elements are absorbed efficiently for maximum plant health.

Available In:
1-lb. (Bag)
5-lb. (Bag)
30-lb. (Bag)
2000-lb. (Pallet)