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Coated Urea (46-0-0)

Discover our Coated Urea, available soon! Our groundbreaking product leverages a patented coating process that enhances the stability and efficiency of urea, a critical nitrogen source for plants. Overcome the usual limitations of quick nitrogen loss with our advanced technology, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your fertilization needs.

Nutrient Availability:

Our patented coating technology protects and slowly releases urea, ensuring a steady supply of nitrogen. This controlled release helps prevent quick leaching and volatilization, giving your plants continuous access to crucial nitrogen throughout their growth cycle.

Seamless Blending:

Our Coated Urea is designed to seamlessly blend with other fertilizers, allowing for customized nutrient solutions tailored to specific crop needs.


Available In:
50-lb. (Bag)
Bulk Ton (2000-lbs.)
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