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HarvestFinisher 3-17-32

Harvest Finisher+

The specific ratios of 3-17-32 are designed to provide a balanced nutrient mix that supports the final stages of growth, leading to bountiful and high-quality yields. Harvest Finisher+ (3-17-32) is expertly crafted to support plants during their critical final stages of growth, ensuring optimal fruit and flower maturity. The formula includes:

  • Nitrogen (3%): Provides just enough nitrogen to sustain plant health without promoting excessive vegetative growth, allowing plants to focus on fruit and flower development.
  • Phosphorus (17%): Promotes strong root systems and enhances flower and fruit production, ensuring your plants reach their full potential during the harvest phase.
  • Potassium (32%): Crucial for overall plant health, potassium improves disease resistance, water regulation, and the development of firm, flavorful, and high-quality fruits and flowers.

Enhanced Flower and Fruit Maturity:

High phosphorus content (17%) supports strong root systems and maximizes flower and fruit production during the final growth stages.

Improved Quality and Yield:

Potassium (32%) enhances disease resistance and water regulation, ensuring the development of firm, flavorful, and high-quality fruits and flowers.

Balanced Nutrient Support:

A well-rounded mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ensures comprehensive support for overall plant health and productivity during the critical finishing stages.

Available In:
1-lb. (Bag)
5-lb. (Bag)
30-lb. (Bag)
2000-lb. (Pallet)